Twoje zdrowie seksualne emocjonalne psychiczne

mental health consultations / mental health trainings / research collaborations

Bryson Kelpe

mental health consultant mental health coach

Hey, I am Bryson. My field of experience is mental health consultations, research collaborations and coaching.
published: wtorek, 09 Mar 2021


He has experience in CBT for individuals and groups, teaching mindfulness, business coaching, and psychosocial education.

He is trained in the “Seeking Safety” intervention for people recovering from substance misuse disorders and trauma. Before working and researching in mental health, Bryson spent over a decade doing training and development work in human resources.

Key messaging

  • We want to demystify the issue of regular health checkups – not just for HIV.
  • Living with HIV lasts as long as life of a “regular” person.


He graduated from University of Hertfordshire with distinction with a MSc in mental health recovery & social inclusion. His master’s thesis was on using mindfulness training to improve mental health in aviation. Additionally, he holds a BSc in psychology and healthcare from Tennessee Technological University. Previous research experience includes comprehensive population studies of people living with HIV/AIDS; Mental Health of LGBTQ refugees in Germany; and stigma as a barrier to healthcare. Bryson is continuing his studies in psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Signals + Publications


PHOBI▲: the definition

Hostility and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals are the result of what is often called “homophobia” or “transphobia” and the effects of these negative attitudes are evidenced by acts of violence and even murder against members of the LGBTQ community.